6844-S AMH CHAB BLAC 436

SSB 6844 - H AMD 1632

By Representative Chandler


    On page 3, line 14, after "43.330.250" strike all material through "83.100.230" on line 16


    On page 3, after line 16, strike lines 17 through line 21 and insert "On July 1, 2009, June 30, 2010, and June 30, 2011, all unclaimed prize money retained in the state lottery fund [account] in excess of three million dollars, excluding amounts distributed to the economic development strategic reserve account, shall be transferred into the state general fund."



           EFFECT:   Eliminates the transfer of portions of unclaimed prize money in the State Lottery Account to the Education Legacy Trust Account.  Restores the transfer of portions of excess funds in the State Lottery Account from unclaimed prize money to the State General Fund.




--- END ---