6870 AMH KAGI PAME 111

SB 6870 - H AMD 1638

By Representative Kagi

WITHDRAWN 3/11/2010

    On page 1, line 19, after "chapter," strike all material through "person((s" on page 2, line 2, and insert "he or she may retain experts or professional persons (("


    On page 2, line 12, after "behalf." strike all material through "expense." on page 2, line 14.


    On page 2, beginning on line 18, strike all of section 2


    Renumber the remaining sections consecutively, correct any internal references accordingly, and correct the title.  


    On page 6, line 10, after "rules" strike "for the payment of" and insert "to contain costs relating to reimbursement for"



           EFFECT:   Removes the provisions that make the Special Commitment Center within the Department of Social and Health Services responsible for the cost of only one evaluation and the provisions that specify nothing precludes a person from paying for additional expert services at his or her own expense. Specifies the Department is to adopt rules to contain the costs related to reimbursements for evaluation services.



--- END ---