BILL REQ. #:  H-2316.1 


State of Washington61st Legislature2009 Regular Session

By House General Government Appropriations (originally sponsored by Representatives Hudgins, Dunshee, Hunt, Hasegawa, Williams, and Chase)

READ FIRST TIME 03/02/09.   

     AN ACT Relating to repair and reuse of electronic products by registered collectors; and adding a new section to chapter 70.95N RCW.


NEW SECTION.  Sec. 1   A new section is added to chapter 70.95N RCW to read as follows:
     (1) Only an entity registered as a collector with the department may act as a collector in a plan. All covered electronic products received by a registered collector must be submitted to a plan. Fully functioning computers that are received by a registered collector in working order may be sold or donated as whole products by the collector for reuse. Computers that require repair to make them a fully functioning unit may only be repaired on-site at the collector's place of business by the registered collector for reuse according to its original purpose.
     (2) Registered collectors may use whole parts gleaned from collected computers or new parts for making repairs as long as there is a part-for-part exchange with nonfunctioning computers submitted to a plan.
     (3) Registered collectors may not include computers that are gleaned for reuse in the weight totals for compensation by the plan.
     (4) Registered collectors must maintain a record of computers sold or donated by the collector for a period of three years.
     (5) Registered collectors must display a notice at the point of collection that computers received by the collector may be repaired and sold or donated as a fully functioning computer rather than submitted to a processor for recycling.
     (6) The authority, authorized party, or the department may conduct site visits of all registered collectors that reuse or refurbish computers and who have an agreement with the authority or authorized party to provide collection services. If the authority or authorized party finds that a collector is not providing services in compliance with this chapter, the authority or authorized party shall report that finding to the department for enforcement action.

--- END ---