SB 6355-S - DIGEST

Finds that the higher education coordinating board, in collaboration with the state board for community and technical colleges, the two-year and four-year institutions of higher education, and other stakeholders developed a system design plan that: (1) Contains seven guiding principles for system expansion;

(2) Focuses near-term enrollment growth at university branch campuses, comprehensive universities, and university centers where existing capacity is available without new state capital investment;

(3) Establishes a process for evaluating major new capital expansion; and

(4) Creates a fund for innovation to foster change and innovation in higher education delivery.

Endorses the system design plan, approved in November 2009, and adopts the recommendations and strategies in the plan.

Provides an alternative process for awarding contracts for university buildings and facilities in which critical patient care or highly specialized medical research is located.

Provides for sunset termination and review of the alternative process for awarding contracts.