2073-S AMH GREE MATC 191

SHB 2073 - H AMD 861

By Representative Green


    On page 2, beginning on line 10, strike all of subsection (2) and insert the following:

    "(2) The ((contribution rate for health care benefits, including but not limited to medical, dental, and vision benefits, for eligible agency home care workers)) amount to be added to the statewide home care agency vendor rate for the purchase of health coverage for home care agency workers who provide direct care to state-funded personal care or respite care clients shall be paid by the department to home care agencies ((at the same rate as)) in an amount, as set out in the applicable state omnibus operating appropriations act, that is no less than the amount negotiated and funded in the collective bargaining agreement for individual providers of home care services."





    EFFECT: The state contribution for home care agency worker health coverage must be at least the same amount (which will be the amount set out in the budget) that is negotiated and funded in the individual provider collective bargaining agreement.


--- END ---