2771 AMH HUDG PRIN 374


HB 2771 - H AMD 959

By Representative Hudgins

WITHDRAWN 02/13/2012

    On page 2, line 30, strike all of subsection (5) and insert the following:


    "(5) This act shall have no application to the state supreme court decision in Dolan v. King County, Cause No. 82842-3, and the right established therein of King County public defenders and staff to public employees' retirement system enrollment and eligibility."


    On page 43, line 21, strike all of subsection "(1)"


    On page 43, line 24, strike "(2)"




    EFFECT:   Language specifying that the clarification of the state retirement system employer definitions in the bill do not apply to any final decision of the Supreme Court of Washington are replaced with language specifying that the definitions do not apply to the Court's decision in Dolan v. King County, and the rights of the public defenders and staff to participated in the Public Employees' Retirement System established in the decision.


Removes language specifying that the bill is curative and remedial, acting retroactively to clarify existing law.



--- END ---