5119 AMS FAIN GORR 619

SB 5119 - S AMD 270

By Senators Fain, Kastama

NOT ADOPTED 04/06/2011

           On page 2, line 17, after "2012" insert the following:

"unless the major political parties agree to use only the results of the presidential primary election for allocation of no less than fifty percent of their delegates to the national nominating convention.  The major political parties must agree to allocate their delegates in proportion to the votes each of the parties' candidates receive. The parties must notify the secretary of state of the parties' decisions regarding allocation of their delegates by September first of the year before the year in which the presidential nominee is selected."





    EFFECT: The 2012 presidential primary may proceed, but only if the major political parties agree to use the presidential primary to allocate at least 50% of their delegates to the national nominating convention. 



--- END ---