1413-S AMH MANW VASA 043


SHB 1413 - H AMD 99

By Representative Manweller


    On page 2, line 18, after "on" insert "the totality of the circumstances and all"


    On page 2, line 31, after "(a)" strike "The" and insert "Based on the totality of the circumstances, the"


    On page 3, beginning on line 10, after "least" strike "one candidate is a member" and insert "five candidates are members"






    EFFECT:  Specifies that a finding of polarized voting is based on the totality of the circumstances. Requires the court, in determining whether polarized voting has occurred, to examine elections in which at least five candidates are members of a protected class, instead of examining elections in which at least one candidate is a member of a protected class. 



--- END ---