1413-S AMH MANW VASA 057


SHB 1413 - H AMD 164

By Representative Manweller


    On page 7, after line 26, insert the following:


    NEW SECTION. Sec. 10.  The administrative office of the courts shall conduct a study of the ability of protected class members to elect the candidates of their choice to the Washington supreme court and determine whether the provisions of this act should apply to elections for justices of the Washington supreme court.  The findings of the study shall be submitted in a report to the legislature no later than November 15, 2013.


    Renumber the remaining sections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.


    On page 13, line 7 after "through" strike "9" and insert "10"




    EFFECT:   Requires the Administrative Office of the Courts to conduct a study to determine whether the provisions of the Voting Rights Act should apply to elections for Washington Supreme Court justices.


--- END ---