1413-S AMH TAYL VASA 049


SHB 1413 - H AMD 154

By Representative Taylor


    On page 5, beginning on line 24, after "(1)" strike all material through "implementation." on line 30 and insert "Upon a finding of a violation of section 3 of this act, the court shall notify the highest ranking elected official of the government subdivision subject to the lawsuit, directing the appointment of a redistricting commission to redraw the lines of the district in question, and providing direction regarding the legal error that needs to be corrected through the redistricting process.  A five member commission must be appointed as follows:

    (a) Within ten days' notice by the elected official, each leader of the two largest political parties in the county shall appoint one registered voter who resides within the challenged district and one registered voter who resides outside the challenged district to serve as voting members of the commission.

    (b) The four appointed members, by an affirmative vote of at least three, shall appoint a nonvoting fifth member who shall act as the commission's chairperson.  If the voting members fail to elect a chairperson within five days, the court shall appoint a nonvoting fifth member to act as chairperson.  A vacancy on the commission shall be filled by the same party who made the original appointment, within ten days after the vacancy occurs.

    (c) Persons eligible to serve are subject to the provisions in RCW 44.05.050 and 44.05.060.

    (d) The commission may employ the services of experts, consultants, and support staff, including attorneys not employed by the attorney general, as necessary to carry out its duties pursuant to this section.

    (e) Within three months of convening, and after holding public hearings, the commission must propose a redistricting plan.  The plan shall be submitted to the government entity with the authority to change the configuration of the district.  The plan must be scheduled for public hearing and final adoption within thirty days.  If no plan is adopted, the authority to create a redistricting plan reverts to the court and the court shall create a district within thirty days.

    (f) The commission is subject to the open public meetings act, chapter 42.30 RCW, and the public records act, chapter 42.56 RCW.

    (g) After the plan takes effect, any registered voter affected by the change in the district may file a petition with the supreme court challenging the plan.  The court may consolidate any or all petitions and shall give such petitions precedence over all other matters."


    On page 5, line 32, after "the" insert "redistricting commission or the"


    On page 5, line 36, after "the" insert "redistricting commission or the"


    On page 6, at the beginning of line 2, insert "redistricting commission or the"



    EFFECT:   Strikes the provision that authorized the court to tailor a remedy or direct the affected jurisdiction to draw or redraw boundaries or appoint an individual or panel to draw or redraw boundaries.  Requires, instead, the creation of a bipartisan redistricting commission to redraw the district lines, with authority to redistrict reverting to the court if the commission fails to adopt a redistricting plan.  Establishes that any registered voter affected by the change in the district may challenge the plan by filing a petition with the Washington Supreme Court.  Directs the court to give such challenges precedence over all other matters.


--- END ---