1954-S AMH ORCU MUNN 458


SHB 1954 - H AMD TO H AMD (H-2617.8/13) 557

By Representative Orcutt

FAILED 06/25/2013

     On page 49, beginning on line 16 of the striking amendment, after "(5)" strike all material through "funds" on line 20, and insert "The net proceeds of a tax imposed under this section"


    On page 49, line 22 of the striking amendment, after "roads" insert ", for highway purposes consistent with Article II, section 40 of the state Constitution,"




    EFFECT: Removes the ability to spend the proceeds of an MVET imposed pursuant to the act on the operations, maintenance, or capital needs of public transportation systems.  Instead, requires the proceeds to be spent in a manner consistent with the constitutional requirement to spend certain state transportation revenues only for certain defined highway purposes.



--- END ---