2442 AMH TAYL MOET 696


HB 2442 - H AMD 629

By Representative Taylor

FAILED 02/17/2014

    On page 1, beginning on line 6, strike all of subsection (1) and insert the following:

    "(1)(a) Except with regard to institutions of higher education as defined in RCW 28B.10.016, any official of the state or of any political subdivision, municipal corporation, or quasi-municipal corporation authorized to disburse funds in payment of salaries and wages of employees is authorized upon written request of at least twenty-five employees to pay all or part of such salaries or wages to any financial institution for either:  (((a))) (i) Credit to the employees' accounts in such financial institution; or (((b))) (ii) immediate transfer therefrom to the employees' accounts in any other financial institutions. 

    (b) As an alternative to dispersing funds to a financial institution as authorized by (a) of this subsection, a county may disperse salaries or wages in a method agreed to by the county and the employee.

    (c) Counties that disperse funds in accordance with this (a) of this subsection, may elect, by ordinance of the county legislative authority, to use the payment methods authorized by (a) or (b) of this subsection for all employees."


    On page 2, beginning on line 25, after "(5)" strike all material through "(6)" on line 31







    EFFECT:   (1) Authorizes counties that are, in accordance with employee requests, depositing employee salaries and wages in financial intuitions, to disperse salaries or wages in a method agreed to by the county and the employee.  (2) Grants counties that are dispersing salaries and wages to financial institutions or in a method agreed to by the county and the employee, the authority use these payment methods for all employees, but only if the county legislative authority adopts an ordinance to utilize this authority.  (3) Removes a proposed authority in the underlying bill that would have allowed counties that are using electronic deposit for employee salaries and wages to, for employees that do not have an account in a financial institution, use alternate payment methods, including payroll cards.



--- END ---