5591-S AMH OVER RUSS 114


SSB 5591 - H AMD  TO TR COMM AMD (H-2316.1) 432

By Representative Overstreet

FAILED 04/16/2013

    On page 3, after line 22 of the striking amendment, insert the following:

    "(d) When any federal agency applies for a confidential driver's license or identicard under this section, the application must first be reviewed and approved by a superior court judge serving Thurston county. In conducting such a review, the judge shall ensure that the application complies with the laws and rules pertaining to confidential driver's licenses and identicards and that the confidential driver's license or identicard will be used only in an undercover or covert law enforcement operation."




    EFFECT:   Requires that a Thurston County judge review and approve every application, submitted by a federal agency, for a confidential driver's license or identicard; and clarifies what is to be considered in this review.



--- END ---