1527-S AMS KLIN BUCK 563


SHB 1527 - S AMD TO S COMM AMD (S2383.1) 299

By Senator Kline


    On page 1, line 28 of the amendment, after "(d)" insert "Family-to-family mentoring provided by people who themselves experienced moving a family member with developmental disabilities from a residential habilitation center to the community;

    (e) Participation by employees of the residential habilitation centers.  To strengthen continuity of care for residents leaving residential habilitation centers, the department shall provide opportunities for residential habilitation center employees to obtain employment in state-operated living alternatives when appropriate for a specific resident or residents and pursuant to appropriate collective bargaining agreement; and




    EFFECT:   The person-centered approached used by DSHS in developing a resident's discharge plan to the community must include family-to-family mentoring and participation by RHC employees.  RHC employees must be provided the opportunity to obtain employment in SOLAs when appropriate for specific residents. 



--- END ---