Legislative Digest No. 50

Friday, April 5, 201382nd Day - 2013 Regular Session

SB 5896SB 5897SB 5898SB 5899SB 5900
HB 1978-S

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House Bills

HB 1978-S

by House Committee on Transportation (originally sponsored by Representatives Zeiger, Clibborn, Orcutt, O'Ban, Hargrove, Liias, Fey, Moscoso, and Morrell)

Addressing the permitting of certain transportation projects.


Creates an expedited environmental review and approval process for transportation projects that require preparation of an environmental impact statement and requires the department of transportation to use the process.

Requires certain state and local agencies to provide technical assistance to the department of transportation on accomplishing the project review and coordination activities.

Requires the department of transportation to: (1) Streamline the permitting process by developing and maintaining positive relationships with regulatory agencies and Indian tribes; and

(2) Continue its efforts to improve training and compliance.

Requires the department of ecology to: (1) Update certain rules for integrating use of national environmental policy act documents in decisions under the state environmental policy act;

(2) Update rule-based categorical exemptions for transportation maintenance activities; and

(3) Convene a work group to identify procedures to more effectively achieve certain objectives with regard to harmonizing local land use reviews with maintenance and improvement of state transportation facilities.
Mar 18Public hearing in the House Committee on Transportation at 3:30 PM.
Apr 2TR - Majority; 1st substitute bill be substituted, do pass.
Minority; do not pass.
Executive action taken in the House Committee on Transportation at 3:30 PM.
Apr 3Passed to Rules Committee for second reading.

Senate Bills

SB 5896

by Senators Hobbs, Litzow, Ranker, and Mullet

Extending renewable energy sales and use tax exemptions.

Delays, until July 1, 2017, the expiration of renewable energy sales and use tax exemptions.
Apr 4First reading, referred to Ways & Means.

SB 5897

by Senator Pearson

Concerning state parks.

Promotes a balanced financing system for state parks programs and services.

Authorizes the parks and recreation commission to: (1) Provide natural, cultural, or historical resource interpretive activities for visitors to state parks; and

(2) Consult and enter into agreements with and solicit assistance from the Washington state parks foundation, private sector individuals, organizations, businesses, employee business units, other public agencies, and tribes that are interested in stewarding and interpreting state parks natural, cultural, scenic, and recreational resources.

Changes the name and purpose of the Washington state parks gift foundation.

Removes the requirement that the disposal of real property and the sale and exchange of state park lands must be made by unanimous consent of the parks and recreation commission.

Allows the sale of discounted discover passes and day-use permits.

Requires a portion of litter taxes to be deposited in the state parks renewal and stewardship account.
Apr 4First reading, referred to Ways & Means.

SB 5898

by Senators Hill and Hargrove

Increasing education funding, including adjusting school district levy and state levy equalization provisions.

Increases funding for education, including the adjustment of school district levy and state levy equalization provisions.
Apr 4First reading, referred to Ways & Means.

SB 5899

by Senators Harper, Billig, Darneille, Hargrove, McAuliffe, Keiser, and Kohl-Welles

Concerning communications services reform to fund working connections child care.

Provides communications services tax reform.

Establishes a state universal communications services program to support continued provision of basic telecommunications services under rates, terms, and conditions established by the utilities and transportation commission during the time over which incumbent communications providers in the state are adapting to changes in federal universal service fund and intercarrier compensation support.

Requires retailers of prepaid wireless telephone service to collect the enhanced 911 tax.

Repeals chapter 82.72 RCW (telephone program excise tax administration).

Requires funding by state general fund appropriations for the telephone assistance and telecommunications relay service programs.

Requires the department of early learning to: (1) Increase the base rate for all child care providers by five percent; and

(2) Provide an additional two and one-half percent increase in the subsidy rate for child care providers who meet certain quality rating and improvement system levels in the early achievers program.

Creates the universal communications services account.

Provides for termination of the state universal communications services program on June 30, 2019.
Apr 4First reading, referred to Ways & Means.

SB 5900

by Senators McAuliffe, Kohl-Welles, Chase, Keiser, Hasegawa, Kline, Ranker, Fraser, Harper, and Murray

Strengthening the tax structure, tax equity, and essential governmental services by a voter-approved tax.

Establishes a state income tax.

Decreases the state sales tax rate from six and one-half percent to five and one-half percent.

Provides that all tax revenues collected pursuant to the act must be deposited in the education legacy trust account to fund education.

Provides for submission of the act to a vote of the people.
Apr 4First reading, referred to Ways & Means.