SB 5197-S2 - DIGEST

Requires school districts to work collaboratively with local law enforcement agencies and school security personnel to develop an emergency response system to expedite the response and arrival of law enforcement in the event of a threat or emergency at a school.

Requires school district board of directors to: (1) Consider installing a perimeter security control mechanism or system on all school campuses; and

(2) Consider certain school building plans and designs for certain new school construction projects or remodeling projects.

Requires the school safety advisory committee convened by the office of the superintendent of public instruction to: (1) Develop model policies and strategies for school districts and local law enforcement agencies to design emergency response systems; and

(2) Develop recommendations related to incorporating school safety features in the planning and design of new or remodeled school facilities.

Encourages school districts to use the model policies developed by the school safety advisory committee as a resource.

Requires the office of the superintendent of public instruction, subject to funding, to allocate grants to school districts on a competitive basis for the purpose of implementing emergency response systems.