2128-S AMH HUDG H2934.1
SHB 2128 - H AMD 556
By Representative Hudgins
WITHDRAWN 6/29/2015
Beginning on page 4, line 16, strike all of section 6 and insert the following:
"Sec. 6.  RCW 15.36.551 and 2015 1st sp.s. c 5 s 1 are each amended to read as follows:
(1) There is levied on all milk processed in this state an assessment not to exceed fifty-four one-hundredths of one cent per hundredweight. The director shall determine, by rule, an assessment, that with contribution from the general fund, will support an inspection program to maintain compliance with the provisions of the pasteurized milk ordinance of the national conference on interstate milk shipment.
(2) All assessments under this section shall be levied on the operator of the first milk processing plant receiving the milk for processing. This shall include milk processing plants that produce their own milk for processing and milk processing plants that receive milk from other sources. Milk processing plants whose monthly assessment for receipt of milk totals less than twenty dollars in any given month are exempted from paying this assessment for that month.
(3) All moneys collected under this section shall be paid to the director by the twentieth day of the succeeding month for the previous month's assessments. The director shall deposit the funds into the dairy inspection account hereby created within the agricultural local fund established in RCW 43.23.230. The funds shall be used only to provide inspection services to the dairy industry.
(4) If the operator of a milk processing plant fails to remit any assessments, that sum shall be a lien on any property owned by him or her, and shall be reported by the director and collected in the manner and with the same priority over other creditors as prescribed for the collection of delinquent taxes under chapters 84.60 and 84.64 RCW.
(5) The department must increase the assessment on September 30, 2019, and every four years thereafter, by the amount of inflation in the previous four-year period as measured by the percentage change in the implicit price deflator published by the United States department of commerce. The fee must be rounded to the nearest quarter of a dollar.
(6) This section expires June 30, 2020."
EFFECT: Makes a technical correction to the underlying bill to reflect the passage of Senate Bill No. 5015, which amends the same statute.
--- END ---