State of Washington
64th Legislature
2015 Regular Session
By Representatives Stanford, MacEwen, Gregerson, Peterson, Orwall, Wylie, Moscoso, Tarleton, Zeiger, Kilduff, and Bergquist
Read first time 02/02/15. Referred to Committee on Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs.
AN ACT Relating to creating the student veterans' support program; and adding a new section to chapter 43.60A RCW.
NEW SECTION.  Sec. 1.  A new section is added to chapter 43.60A RCW to read as follows:
(1) It is the legislature's goal to help make Washington's community and technical colleges more supportive of student veterans by helping the colleges attain the partners for veteran supportive campuses certificate.
(2) The Washington student veterans' support program is created under the authority of the department. The purpose of the program is to provide grants to community or technical colleges as defined in RCW 28B.50.030. These grants may be used to provide student veterans with academic advising services, peer support services, or other purposes consistent with the partners for veteran supportive campuses program.
(3) Any of the community or technical colleges as defined in RCW 28B.50.030 that submit an application for the department's partners for veteran supportive campuses certificate are eligible to receive a student veterans' support program grant of up to twenty thousand dollars per applicant, per biennium.
(4) The department shall evaluate which community or technical colleges that submitted an application for the partner for veteran supportive campuses certificate would benefit the most from a student veterans' support program grant.
(5) The student veterans' support program account is created in the custody of the state treasurer. Revenues to the account shall consist of state appropriations to the account and gifts, grants, or donations from public or private sources received by the department for this purpose. State appropriations into the account may not exceed one hundred thousand dollars in a fiscal biennium. Expenditures from the account may be used only for the student veterans' support program grants. Only the director of the department or the director's designee may authorize expenditures from the account. The account is subject to allotment procedures under chapter 43.88 RCW, but an appropriation is not required for expenditures.
--- END ---