SB 5740-S - DIGEST

Addresses the maintenance of a dependency proceeding for the delivery of extended foster care services for any youth who is dependent in foster care at the age of eighteen years and who, at the time of his or her eighteenth birthday, is unable to meet specified requirements due to a medical condition.

Requires the children's administration to invite representatives from the division of behavioral health and recovery, the disability services administration, the economic services administration, and the juvenile justice and rehabilitation administration to a youth's shared planning meeting that is used to develop a transition plan for youth who will be aging out of foster care.

Requires the department of social and health services to: (1) Make efforts to ensure that extended foster care services maximize medicaid reimbursements;

(2) Ensure that health and mental health extended foster care providers participate in medicaid, unless the condition of the extended foster care youth requires specialty care that is not available among participating medicaid providers or there are no participating medicaid providers in the area; and

(3) Coordinate other services to maximize federal resources and the most cost-efficient delivery of services to extended foster care youth.

Provides that this act is null and void if appropriations are not approved.