SB 6632 - DIGEST

Requires the department of enterprise services, in coordination with the department of natural resources, to use: (1) A request for information to a broad base of wildfire insurance carriers to gain an understanding of insurance requirements and data needed for an accurate quote; and

(2) A request for quote to a broad base of wildfire insurance carriers to discern how each carrier would meet the needs of the state and the cost of annual premiums.

Authorizes a county to, by action of its legislative authority, create a local forest fire protection division that is responsible for preventing and responding to forest fires in the county.

Requires the department of natural resources to: (1) Take charge of and direct the work of suppressing forest fires in counties that have not created a local forest fire protection division;

(2) Develop a twenty-year strategic plan to treat the 2.7 million acres of state forestland identified by the department as being in poor forest health condition;

(3) Create a prescribed burn manager certification program for those who practice prescribed burning in the state; and

(4) Update the smoke management plan developed in RCW 70.94.6536(2), in consultation with the department of ecology, other relevant state and federal agencies, and public and private landowners engaged in silvicultural forest burning.