1797-S AMH MCBR H2863.1
SHB 1797 - H AMD 617
By Representative McBride
On page 7, beginning on line 4, after "may" strike all material through "used.))" on line 10 and insert "submit an authorizing proposition to the city voters at a special or general election and, if the proposition is approved by a majority of persons voting, impose the whole or remainder of the sales and use tax rate in accordance with the terms of this chapter. The title of each ballot measure must clearly state the purposes for which the proposed sales and use tax will be used."
On page 8, line 39, after "2017" insert "3rd sp. sess."
EFFECT: Restores current law provision that cities within a county with a population over 1.5 million choosing to impose the 0.1 percent sales tax increase must be authorized by a vote of the people. Updates reference to reflect special session.
--- END ---