1797-S AMH STEE H2364.3
SHB 1797 - H AMD 328
By Representative Steele
On page 1, line 20, after "code city" insert "that:
(i) Is not located in a county with a population of one million five hundred thousand or more; and
(ii) Has a population less than forty thousand persons"
On page 3, line 3, after "(3)" insert "A remittance under this chapter is only available on a first-in-time basis. The department must keep a running total of all approved remittances under this section during each fiscal year. The department may not allow any remittance that would cause the total remittance amount allowed under this chapter to exceed one million two hundred fifty thousand dollars in any fiscal year. If all or part of a claim for a remittance is disallowed under this subsection, the disallowed portion is carried over to the next fiscal year. However, the carryover into the next fiscal year is only permitted to the extent that the cap for the next fiscal year is not exceeded. Priority must be given to credits carried over from a previous fiscal year.
EFFECT: Provides that cities within King county are not eligible for the sales tax remittance created in this bill.
Limits the availability of the tax remittance to cities with populations less than 40,000 persons.
Places a $1.25 million annual cap on the total state sales tax incentive.
--- END ---