2595-S2 AMH HARM H4777.1
2SHB 2595 - H AMD 948
By Representative Harmsworth
ADOPTED 02/12/2018
On page 5, after line 12, insert the following:
"Sec. 107.  RCW 46.20.207 and 1993 c 501 s 3 are each amended to read as follows:
(1) The department is authorized to cancel any driver's license upon determining that the licensee was not entitled to the issuance of the license, or that the licensee failed to give the required or correct information in his or her application, or that the licensee is incompetent to drive a motor vehicle for any of the reasons under RCW 46.20.031 (4) and (7).
(2) Upon such cancellation, the licensee must surrender the license so canceled to the department.
(3) Upon the cancellation of an enhanced driver's license or identicard for failure of the licensee to give correct information, if such information had been transferred to the secretary of state for purposes of voter registration, the department must immediately notify the office of the secretary of state, and the county auditor of the county of the licensee's address of record, of the cancellation of the license and identification of the incorrect information."
Renumber the remaining sections consecutively, correct any internal references accordingly, and correct the title.
EFFECT: Requires the Department of Licensing to notify the Secretary of State's Office, and the county auditor, each time an enhanced driver's license (EDL) is canceled due to incorrect information submitted by the applicant that was transferred to the Secretary of State under the automatic voter registration (AVR) process created in this act.
--- END ---