2595-S2 AMH HUDG H4779.1
2SHB 2595 - H AMD 949
By Representative Hudgins
ADOPTED 02/12/2018
On page 3, line 3, after "vote and" strike "is applying for or" and insert "has received or is"
On page 3, line 28, after "date of" strike "application" and insert "issuance"
On page 4, beginning on line 20, after "(4)" strike all material through "law" on line 26 and insert "The department of licensing is prohibited from sharing data files used by the secretary of state to certify voters registered through the automated process outlined in section 102 of this act with any federal agency, or state agency other than the secretary of state"
On page 4, line 32, after "vote, who" strike "are applying for or" and insert "has been issued or is"
EFFECT: Provides that the automatic voter registration process for enhanced drivers licenses is triggered when the license is issued or when a person is renewing a license.
Prohibits the Department of Licensing from sharing with federal or state agencies data files used to certify voters under the AVR process.
--- END ---