5180-S.E2 AMH RICC BLAC 123


2ESSB 5180 - H AMD TO HCW COMM AMD (H-4907.1/18) 1234

By Representative Riccelli


    On page 1, beginning on line 30 of the striking amendment, after "living" strike "and palliative care planning" and insert ", including the prevention of malnutrition"


    On page 2, beginning on line 7 of the striking amendment, after "planning" strike all material through "and" on line 8 and insert ", advance care directives, and palliative care planning, including"




    EFFECT:   Adds the prevention of malnutrition to the Joint Legislative Executive Committee on Aging and Disability's (Committee) discussion related to the promotion of healthy living. Relocates a reference to the Committee's palliative care planning activities.



--- END ---