6211.E AMH TAYL JOND 182


ESB 6211 - H AMD 1222

By Representative Taylor

WITHDRAWN 03/02/2018

    On page 3, beginning on line 19, after "in the" strike "custody of the state treasurer" and insert "state treasury"


    On page 3, line 23, after "account." insert "Moneys in the account may be spent only after appropriation."


    On page 3, line 28, after "services" strike all material through "expenditures" on line 31 and insert ", and for management of state lands to the extent such management is not prohibited by a good neighbor agreement. Any expenditures on state lands may include lands managed by the department of natural resources and the department of fish and wildlife"



    EFFECT:  Changes the Federal Lands Revolving Account from a non-appropriated account to an appropriated account. Allows expenditures from the account to be used for management of state lands managed by the Department of Natural Resources and Department of Fish and Wildlife. 



--- END ---