6413-S.E AMH KLIP LIPS 503


ESSB 6413 - H AMD TO ENVI COMM AMD (H-4848.1/18) 1279

By Representative Klippert

NOT ADOPTED 02/27/2018

    On page 1, line 30 of the amendment, after "added." insert "Nothing in this subsection (1) restricts a person or local government from discharging or otherwise using class B firefighting foam that was acquired by a person or local government on or before June 30, 2020."




    EFFECT:  Specifies that the restrictions on the manufacture, sale, and distribution on Class B firefighting foam containing intentionally-added PFAS chemicals do not restrict local governments or persons from using or discharging foam that was acquired prior to the effective date of the restrictions on manufacture, sale, and distribution. 


--- END ---