6413-S.E AMH TAYL H4974.1
ESSB 6413 - H AMD TO ENVI COMM AMD (H-4848.1/18) 1200
By Representative Taylor
NOT ADOPTED 02/27/2018
On page 2, after line 16 of the amendment, insert the following:
"(4) The restrictions in subsection (1) of this section do not apply to any manufacture, sale, or distribution of class B firefighting foam to a local government whose jurisdictional boundaries encompass areas that are located within fifty miles of an airport, interstate highway, railroad, oil refinery, or oil terminal, for the use of the class B firefighting foam on fires at those locations."
EFFECT: Exempts the manufacture, sale, and distribution of class B firefighting foam containing PFAS chemicals to local governments that provide firefighting services whose jurisdictions encompass areas within 50 miles of airports, interstate highways, railroads, oil refineries, or oil terminals, for use in fighting fires at those locations.
--- END ---