1624-S AMS BILL HOVD 068


SHB 1624 - S AMD TO S-2527.2/17 216

By Senator Billig

ADOPTED 04/11/2017

    On page 4, line 2, after "twelve-month authorization" strike the remainder of line 2 through line 5 and insert the following: "and the authorization shall not be subject to the conditions specified in subsections (2) and (3) of this section."




    EFFECT:   Parents of children who are authorized to receive 12 months of Working Connections Child Care (WCCC) because of being involved in child welfare services in the last 6 months shall not be subject to the requirements that they maintain employment or participate in a job training or education program or cooperate with child support enforcement in order for their child to remain eligible for WCCC.



--- END ---