5607-S AMS CARL S1202.3
SSB 5607 - S AMD 5
By Senator Carlyle
NOT ADOPTED 02/01/2017
On page 32, line 4, after "YEAR" strike "2020" and insert "2019"
On page 34, line 3, after "percent)) strike "ten" and insert "twenty-four"
On page 36, beginning on line 2, after "percentage." strike all material through "2019." on line 4
On page 37, line 6, after "year" strike "2019" and insert "2018"
EFFECT: Changes the levy lid percentage from 10 percent to 24 percent. Changes the starting date from 2019 to 2018 for OSPI to begin evaluating the proposed uses of local M&O levies to ensure the proceeds will not be spent on basic education programs. Removes the provision that would have disallowed local M&O levies in calendar year 2019.
--- END ---