6620-S AMS WILS S6120.2
SSB 6620 - S AMD 926
By Senator Wilson
On page 3, line 8, after "chiefs" insert "in coordination with the association of public safety communications officials and the office of the superintendent of public instruction"
On page 3, beginning on line 12, after "should be" strike "incorporated into, or interoperable with," and insert "interoperable with"
On page 6, line 13, after "responder agency" insert "or the public safety answering point"
On page 6, line 14, after "agency" insert "or public safety answering point"
On page 6, beginning on line 20, after "(b)" strike all material through "employees" on line 23 and insert "A first responder agency or public safety answering point, including its officers, agents, and employees, are not liable for any act, or failure to act, under this subsection unless the agency or public safety answering point"
On page 11, line 19, after "fire departments," insert "association of public safety communications officials,"
EFFECT: Requires WASPC to work in coordination with the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) and OSPI in developing and implementing an emergency response system. Requires the Public Safety Answering Point to also notify other schools in the vicinity if the PSAP is notifying a school of a situation that may necessitate an evacuation or lockdown. Includes APCO as a participant in the annual school safety summit.
--- END ---