HB 1144-S3.E - DIGEST

Addresses the most recent assessment of climate change science and changes certain requirements of the state with regard to greenhouse gas emission limits.

Requires the department of ecology and the department of commerce to include the following in the report to the governor and certain committees of the senate and house: A description of Washington's per capita and total greenhouse gas emissions as compared to the per capita and total greenhouse gas emissions of other states, including Washington's ranking among other states as an emitter of greenhouse gases on both a per capita and total emissions basis.

Requires the department of ecology to: (1) Survey state agencies to determine each agency's annual expenditures made during the biennium to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to support the achievement of the reduction goals; and

(2) In coordination with the department of natural resources, calculate and include in its reporting the total emissions of greenhouse gases from wildfires in the state.

Requires the joint legislative audit and review committee to prepare an analysis of the economic impact and the impact on jobs resulting from the greenhouse gas emissions reductions specified in this act.