HB 1160-S - DIGEST

Addresses the recommendations of the sunshine committee with regard to disclosure exemptions for the following under the public records act: (1) Investigative records compiled by an employing agency conducting an investigation of a possible unfair practice or a possible violation related to discrimination, however, once the agency has notified the complaining employee of the outcome of the investigation, the exemption no longer applies;

(2) Proprietary data, trade secrets, or other information submitted by a vendor to the department of social and health services for the development, acquisition, or implementation of state purchased health care;

(3) Trade secrets; and

(4) Bids, quotations, or proposals submitted to an agency for goods or services in response to a solicitation issued for the goods or services but only until the agency announces the apparent successful bidder or decides not to accept bids, quotations, or proposals.

Authorizes the court, in an action to enjoin disclosure of financial, commercial, or proprietary information, to award attorneys' fees to a defendant to the extent that the defendant prevailed in opposing an injunction.