HB 1513-S.E - DIGEST

Permits a person to sign up to register to vote at the department of licensing if he or she is sixteen or seventeen years of age.

Requires a social studies teacher to, each year on temperance and good citizenship day, coordinate a voter registration event in each history or social studies class attended by high school seniors.

Allows county auditors to help coordinate and participate in voter registration events for students on that day.

Requires the superintendent of public instruction, in consultation with the secretary of state, to update and distribute youth voter registration materials annually for eligible students to register to vote at school.

Provides delivery options for voter registration applications.

Requires the secretary of state to: (1) For each electronic registration application, obtain a digital copy of the applicant's driver's license or identicard signature from the department of licensing; and

(2) Employ additional security measures to ensure the accuracy and integrity of voter preregistration applications submitted electronically.

Requires the voter registration database to provide storage of pending registration records for persons under eighteen years of age.

Exempts the following from public inspection and copying under the public records act: Information provided for persons under eighteen years old.