HB 1594-S.E - DIGEST

Revises the public records act to improve public records administration.

Requires training for records officers and public records officers to address particular issues related to the retention, production, and disclosure of electronic documents.

Requires the attorney general to establish a consultation program to provide information for developing best practices for local agencies requesting assistance in compliance with the public records act. This program ceases to exist June 30, 2020.

Requires the state archivist, until June 30, 2020, to offer and provide consultation and training services for local agencies on improving record retention practices.

Requires the division of archives and records management in the office of the secretary of state to: (1) Establish and administer a competitive grant program for local agencies to improve certain technology information systems for public records;

(2) Conduct a study to assess the feasibility of implementing a statewide open records portal through which a user can request and receive a response, relating to public records information, through a single internet web site; and

(3) Convene a stakeholder group to develop the initial scope and direction of the study.

Requires the county auditor to charge a surcharge of one dollar per instrument for every document recorded.

Requires the joint legislative audit and review committee to: (1) Conduct a review of the attorney general's consultation program, the state archivist's training services, and the local government competitive grant program; and

(2) Consult with state and local agencies to develop a reporting method and clearly define standardized metrics.