HB 1622 - DIGEST

Requires the state building code council to: (1) Adopt a revised process for the review of proposed statewide amendments and proposed or enacted local amendments to the codes enumerated in RCW 19.27.031; and

(2) In consultation with the office of the chief information officer, assess the costs and benefits of the potential acquisition and implementation of open public access information technologies to enhance the council's code adoption process.

Changes the composition of the state building code council.

Requires the department of enterprise services to employ permanent and temporary staff and contract for services for the state building code council.

Creates the legislative task force on the state building code council's administration and operations.

Requires the task force to review and provide recommendations on certain issues with regard to the state building code council, the state building code, and the department of enterprise services.

Imposes a fee of five dollars and fifty cents on each residential building permit and ten dollars for each commercial building permit.