HB 1714-S.E - DIGEST

Establishes the Washington state patient safety act.

Requires the department of health to: (1) Upon receipt of a complaint, investigate the complaint and, if it determines that there has been a violation, require the hospital to submit a corrective plan of action;

(2) Maintain, for public inspection, records of civil penalties, administrative actions, or license suspensions or revocations imposed on hospitals;

(3) Submit a report to the legislature on December 31, 2020; and

(4) Before submission of the report, convene a stakeholder group consisting of the Washington state hospital association, the Washington state nurses association, service employees international union healthcare 1199NW, and united food and commercial workers 21.

Requires a hospital to submit a staffing plan to the department of health, implement the staffing plan, and assign nursing personnel to each patient care unit in accordance with the plan.

Requires a nurse staffing committee, in the development of an annual patient care unit and shift-based nurse staffing plan, to include: (1) The availability of other personnel supporting nursing services on the unit; and

(2) Strategies to enable registered nurses to take meal and rest breaks.

Expires June 1, 2023.