HB 2584 - DIGEST

Establishes the growth management act victims response act.

Creates the position of growth management act ombuds in the consumer protection division of the office of the attorney general.

Considers the ombuds as an advocate for owners of property impacted by restrictions arising from: The growth management act; local government's comprehensive plans, development regulations, or actions implementing the growth management act; and appellate court decisions interpreting the growth management act or local governments' comprehensive plans or development regulations.

Creates the growth management act victims and response account.

Requires the ombuds to administer payments from the account.

Requires the growth management hearings board to collect an assessment of two hundred fifty dollars from a requester of a review by the board.

Exempts the following from public inspection and copying under the public records act: Records submitted to the attorney general's office for review by the ombuds as part of a claim and records created by the department of commerce related to the claim.

Requires information detailing activity in the account to be disclosed.