HB 2595-S2.E - DIGEST

Establishes the automatic voter registration act of 2018.

Requires the department of licensing to implement an automatic voter registration system so a person who meets voter registration requirements and has received, is renewing, or is changing the address for an enhanced driver's license or identicard may register to vote or update voter registration information at the time of registration, renewal, or change of address, by an automated process.

Prohibits the department of licensing from sharing data files, used by the secretary of state to certify voters registered through the automated process, with a federal agency, or state agency other than the secretary of state.

Requires the state health benefit exchange to provide certain information to the secretary of state's office for consenting Washington healthplanfinder applicants who are interested in registering to vote.

Authorizes the office of the secretary of state to adopt rules to implement automatic voter registration under this act.

Requires the governor to make a decision, in consultation with the office of the secretary of state, as to whether the following agencies shall implement automatic voter registration: State agencies, other than the state health benefit exchange, that provide public assistance or services to persons with disabilities and collect, process, and store specific information as part of providing the assistance or services.

Exempts the following from public inspection and copying under the public records act: Any investigative records or personal information supplied for the purposes of obtaining a driver's license or an identicard.