HB 2670 - DIGEST

States that an applicant who is under eighteen years old and is pregnant or has a dependent child or children in his or her care is eligible to receive temporary assistance for needy families regardless of his or her income or available resources.

States that a parent who is under eighteen years old and attending high school or working toward completing a general educational development certificate is eligible to receive working connections child care.

Creates an assistance unit for minor parents within the department of social and health services to provide assistance and support to minor parents.

Requires the office of the superintendent of public instruction to establish a competitive application process to provide grants to school districts for the establishment of a graduation, reality, and dual-role skills program.

Requires the state institute for public policy to evaluate the effectiveness of the awarded grants.

Allows a school district, at the request of an eligible student, to allow the student to transport his or her infant on a school bus or other transportation provided by the district, however, if the district denies the student's request it must authorize other arrangements for transportation.