HB 2684-S.E - DIGEST

Requires school districts to: (1) Collaborate with the department of children, youth, and families to develop protocols specifying specific strategies for communication, coordination, and collaboration regarding the status and progress of children in out-of-home care placed in the region, in order to maximize the educational continuity and achievement of these children;

(2) Designate a foster care liaison to facilitate district compliance with state and federal laws related to students in out-of-home care; and

(3) Collaborate with the department to address educational barriers for these students.

Requires a student, when practical and in his or her best interest, who is placed into out-of-home care, to remain enrolled in the school they were attending at the time they entered out-of-home care.

Prohibits the special education services of a student from being interrupted by a transfer to a new school.