HB 2750.E - DIGEST

Requires the department of social and health services to: (1) Provide information to consumers about assisted living facilities and make this information available online; and

(2) Facilitate a work group process to recommend quality metrics for assisted living facilities.

Requires the work group to submit recommendations for a quality metric system, propose a process for monitoring and tracking performance, and recommend a process to inform consumers.

Allows the department, as a result of a facility provider violating facility standards, and using a tiered sanction grid that considers the extent of harm from the deficiency and the regularity of the occurrence of the deficiency, to impose civil penalties of up to: (1) One thousand dollars per day per violation, until July 1, 2019;

(2) Two thousand dollars per day per violation, beginning July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020;

(3) Three thousand dollars per day per violation, beginning July 1, 2020; and

(4) Ten thousand dollars for a current or former licensed provider who is operating an unlicensed facility.

Requires the receipts from the civil penalties to be deposited in the assisted living facility temporary management account.

Authorizes expenditures from the account to be used for the protection of the health, safety, welfare, and property of residents of the facilities found to be noncompliant with licensing standards.