HB 2870 - DIGEST

Repeals chapter 13.32A RCW (the family reconciliation act) and creates a new chapter (the family in need of services act).

Recognizes that there is a need to provide support to youth and families who are experiencing severe conflict.

Finds that, under the family reconciliation act, at-risk youth petitions and child in need of services petitions were available for youth and families to request assistance. This system was established to recognize early warning signs of risk and provide an avenue through the juvenile court system to request crisis intervention and services to stabilize the family.

Declares an intent to create an early public system response designed to address family crisis by: (1) Merging those petitions into the family in need of services petition;

(2) Providing a legal process by which families that are experiencing crisis can request and receive prompt assistance from juvenile courts;

(3) Providing residential placement and therapeutic support for the youth; and

(4) Allowing services and interventions for the parent.