SB 6162-S2.E - DIGEST

Requires each school district and charter school to: (1) Provide interventions and screen students in kindergarten through second grade who display indications of dyslexia;

(2) Begin, whenever possible, by providing student supports in the general education classroom;

(3) If after receiving interventions, further screening tools and resources indicate that a student continues to have indications of dyslexia, recommend to his or her parents and family that he or she be evaluated for dyslexia or a specific learning disability; and

(4) Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, as part of the annual student assessment inventory, report the number of students and grade levels of the students screened, disaggregated by student subgroups, aggregate the school reports, and submit the report to the superintendent of public instruction.

Authorizes school districts to use learning assistance program allocations to meet screening and intervention requirements, even if the student being screened or provided with supports is not eligible to participate in that program.

Requires the superintendent of public instruction to: (1) Convene a dyslexia advisory council to advise the superintendent on matters relating to dyslexia in an academic setting;

(2) Review, by June 1, 2021, the council's recommendations and make certain information available to school districts; and

(3) Review, by February 15, 2022, the council's updated report and revise the information that was made available to school districts.