SB 6410-S2 - DIGEST

Requires a first responder agency, when notifying a school of a situation that may require an evacuation or lockdown, to: (1) Determine if schools in the vicinity are similarly threatened; and

(2) Notify schools in the vicinity for which an evacuation or lockdown appears reasonably necessary.

Requires two educational service districts, selected by the office of the superintendent of public instruction in coordination with the nine educational service districts, to: (1) Establish regional school safety centers as part of a statewide network;

(2) Provide regional coordination of school safety efforts related to behavioral health threat assessment and suicide prevention across the state; and

(3) Provide school safety resources related to behavioral health threat assessment and suicide prevention to the school districts in the region.

Requires the two selected service districts to employ a behavioral health threat assessment coordinator.

Requires the regional school safety centers to provide technical assistance to school districts seeking funding for first aid, health, and safety and security resources including defibrillators and saws with automatic braking systems.

Provides that section 2 of this act is null and void if appropriations are not approved.