SB 6620-S - DIGEST

Requires the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs to: (1) Develop and implement emergency response systems to expedite the response and arrival of law enforcement in the event of a threat or emergency at a school;

(2) Establish and implement a grant program to fund school resource officers; and

(3) Establish a grant program to provide financial assistance to local law enforcement agencies conducting background checks for the purchase and sale of pistols and semiautomatic rifles.

Requires a first responder agency, when notifying a school of a situation that may necessitate an evacuation or lockdown, to determine if schools in the vicinity are similarly threatened and, if so, notify those schools.

Requires the office of the superintendent of public instruction to: (1) Contract with a vendor to make an incident alert and reporting system available to public schools. The system is named the students protecting students program;

(2) Contract for updates to the program as new technology is available;

(3) Select two educational service districts, in coordination with the nine educational service districts, to establish regional school safety centers as part of a statewide network;

(4) Review safe schools plans for school districts and educational service districts, and assess and document school district and regional school safety assets and needs;

(5) Provide grants to educational service districts and school districts to develop or expand regional safety programs; and

(6) During the annual school safety summit, take into account the discrete challenges of nonrural and rural schools.

Requires summit participants to review Sandy Hook promise programs and make recommendations for the prevention of mass shootings.

Requires school districts to implement the students protecting students program in middle or junior high schools and high schools. However, if unable, submit a students protecting students implementation plan to the office of the superintendent of public instruction.

Requires the same background check process to purchase certain rifles as is currently required for pistols.