1010-S AMH WALJ ADAM 034


SHB 1010 - H AMD 23

By Representative Walsh

On page 3, line 30, after "dealers or" insert ", subject to the limitation in subsection (3) of this section,"

On page 3, line 36, after "(3)" insert "The Washington state patrol must auction or trade legal firearms, and may not destroy legal firearms, if the Washington state patrol’s total expenditures exceed total allotments for executive protection unit services provided under RCW 43.43.035.


On page 4, at the beginning of line 3, strike "(4)" and insert "(((4))) (5)"

On page 4, line 11, after "subsection" strike "(3)" and insert "(((3))) (4)"

EFFECT:   Provides that the Washington State Patrol (WSP) may not destroy legal firearms and instead must auction or trade the firearms if the WSP's total expenditures exceed total allotments for Executive Protection Unit services.

--- END ---