1056 AMH MOSB H2065.4
HB 1056 - H AMD 57
By Representative Mosbrucker
WITHDRAWN 03/06/2019
Strike everything after the enacting clause and insert the following:
"NEW SECTION.  Sec. 1. (1) The legislature finds that domestic violence causes physical and psychological harm, broken families, economic loss, and other societal ills. According to the center for disease control's national intimate partner and sexual violence survey, about one in three women and one in three men reported experiencing intimate partner violence in their lifetime. In Washington in 2017, over fifty-four thousand domestic violence offenses were reported to law enforcement and forty-nine domestic violence homicides were committed.
(2) The legislature finds that the workplace may be the only location in which an individual experiencing domestic violence may be free from a perpetrator and feel safe. Individuals experiencing domestic violence may also find the workplace a place of shared confidences. Therefore, the legislature intends to create a task force to explore ways in which the employer and employee community may help curb domestic violence.
(3) This section expires June 30, 2020.
NEW SECTION.  Sec. 2. (1) The department of commerce shall convene a task force on domestic violence and workplace resources to identify the role of the workplace in helping to curb domestic violence.
(2) The members of the task force are as provided in this subsection.
(a) The president of the senate shall appoint one member from each of the two largest caucuses in the senate.
(b) The speaker of the house of representatives shall appoint one member from each of the two largest caucuses of the house of representatives.
(c) The department of commerce shall appoint:
(i) One member representing each of the following:
(A) The association of Washington business;
(B) The national federation of independent business;
(C) The Washington hospitality association;
(D) The Washington retail association;
(E) The Washington state labor council;
(F) The Washington coalition of sexual assault programs;
(G) The Washington coalition against domestic violence; and
(H) A federally recognized tribe;
(ii) A business owner;
(iii) A survivor of domestic violence; and
(iv) Up to two additional members.
(3) The task force shall choose two cochairs from among its legislative membership.
(4) The task force shall review the following issues:
(a) The role of the workplace in the lives of individuals experiencing domestic violence;
(b) The appropriate role of employers and employees in helping reduce the incidence of domestic violence; and
(c) Whether legislation is needed to address the issues outlined in this subsection.
(5) The department of commerce shall convene the meetings and provide staff support for the task force.
(6) The task force shall submit its findings and recommendations to the appropriate committees of the legislature by December 1, 2019.
(7) This section expires June 30, 2020."
Correct the title.
EFFECT: Changes the bill from a Joint Legislative Task Force staffed by the Office of Program Research and Senate Committee Services to a Task Force convened and staffed by the Department of Commerce. Retains the Task Force membership of the underlying bill.
--- END ---