1105-S2 AMH VOLZ WAYV 222


2SHB 1105 - H AMD 201

By Representative Volz

WITHDRAWN 03/12/2019

On page 8, line 11, after "annually" strike "remit" and insert ":

(a) Remit fifty percent of"

On page 8, line 13, after "account" insert "; and

(b) Deposit the remaining fifty percent of the receipts from the foreclosure avoidance fee collected during the year in the operation and maintenance fund of the county treasurer for purposes described in section 1(13) of this act"

EFFECT:   Requires that 50% of the proceeds collected from the foreclosure avoidance fee be deposited in the homeowner protection account and that the remaining 50% of the proceeds be deposited in the county operation and maintenance fund to be used to defray the cost of further foreclosures, distraint, and sales because of delinquent taxes.

--- END ---