1112-S2 AMH FITZ H2095.1
2SHB 1112 - H AMD 28
By Representative Fitzgibbon
ADOPTED 03/01/2019
On page 6, line 3, after "expeditiously" strike "adopt a rule" and insert "propose a rule consistent with RCW 34.05.320"
On page 6, line 19, after "(i)" strike "Beginning" and insert "By"
EFFECT: Requires the department of ecology to expeditiously propose a draft rule, rather than requiring the department to adopt a rule, in the event that the United States environmental protection agency approves certain new uses of hydrofluorocarbon blends in foam blowing and spray foam. Requires manufacturers to notify the department of ecology by December 31, 2019, regarding their use of hydrofluorocarbons and other ozone-depleting substance substitutes in regulated product classes, rather than for such notification to occur beginning December 31, 2019.
--- END ---